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Bichpoo Puppies for Sale
  • Breed: Bichpoo
  • Group: Designer
  • Height: 9-14"
  • Weight: 9-14"
  • HypoAllergenic: Yes
  • Coat: Wavy
  • Activity:
  • With Children:
  • With Animals:
  • Grooming:
  • Guard:
  • Trainability:


Bichpoo (Poochon) puppies for sale are small dogs that love to play, thrive on human affection, and are intelligent.  As a designer breed, they bring the best from the Bichon Frise and the Toy Poodle.  Our Bichpoo (Poochon) puppies for sale will bring love, energy, and joy into your home without all the allergies!

Are you looking for a small dog that has a beautiful coat, loves to play and have fun, and thrives on human interaction and quality time?  And all of this while being a more allergen-friendly breed?

If this describes your ideal breed, then browse our Bichpoo puppies for sale!

Bichpoos, also known as Poochons, are a designer crossbreed between the Bichon Frise and the Toy Poodle, and they bring the best from both breeds!  From the Bichon Frise, they bring their playfulness and affection, and from the Toy Poodle, they bring intelligence and a more allergen-friendly coat.

If you are looking for a small dog that will melt your heart and bring joy to your family and have fewer allergens, then purchase your Bichpoo (Poochon) puppy today!

Not sure a Bichon Frise is right for your home? Browse our other available puppies for sale.

Playful:  Bichpoos love to play and interact with anything around them, both humans and other dogs and animals.  They are usually quick to interact with strangers and love being the center of attention.

Affectionate:  Bichpoos thrive on human interaction, especially from their owners.  They love spending time with their owners and feeling loved and appreciated, so don’t be surprised when they love to snuggle!

Active:  Although they are small, they have plenty of energy!  Whether it is inside or outside, Bichpoos love playing games and staying active.  Thankfully, their small size still enables them to fit well in smaller homes, but they do need regular exercise.

Cheerful As long as they are loved, Bichpoos are a pleasant and happy breed.  They are sure to bring joy into your home and to your family!

Barky:  Bichpoos are alert dogs, and they also tend to bark if something is amiss or they get overstimulated.  While this is good as a watchdog, it can be annoying when it becomes constant or barking from stimulation.  Consistent training as a puppy is key to helping with this issue.

The Bichpoo, or Poochon, breed is a designer breed, meaning it is a crossbreed between a Poodle and another breed.

The first time the Bichon Frise and Toy Poodle was bred was in the late 1990s and originated in Australia.  The United Kingdom and the United States began breeding Bichpoos soon after Australia.

Like other designer breeds, the purpose of the Poochon was to combine the intelligence and lower allergen levels of the Toy Poodle with the lively, playful Bichon Frise.

Currently, the American Kennel Club does not recognize designer breeds, so the Bichpoo is not a registered breed. 

Bichpoo adults are about 9-14 inches tall at the shoulder.  They usually weigh 9-14 pounds.

Bichpoos have an expected lifespan of 12-15 years.

The most common colors on Bichpoos are cream, tan, and apricot.  While the coats are usually a solid color, sometimes they will have blended colors.

Many Bichpoos have a medium-length coat that does require regular brushing, even though it may resemble the Toy Poodle’s coat as well.

It is easy for dirt and loose hair to get caught in the dog’s coat, and the coat should be regularly brushed several times a week to keep dirt and matted hair to a minimum.

Because they are a relatively new breed, and a designer breed, not as much is known exactly about the Bichpoo’s health as a crossbreed.

However, both the Bichon Frise and Toy Poodle are healthy breeds, and many dog health experts agree that the Bichpoo should also be a healthy breed.

Bichpoos (Poochons) do have hairy ears, and it is essential to make sure the ears stay dray, especially after bathing your puppy or swimming.  If the ears do not dry out properly, it can cause ear infections.

Also, because of their small size, it is critical to use caution when playing with them.  Children should be taught how to play with Bichpoo dogs properly in a gentle manner that doesn’t cause harm.

Like all dog breeds, they are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia, two of the most common health issues among dogs.

Hip and elbow dysplasia occurs when the leg or hip becomes weakened, and it can result in arthritis or potential lameness if not addressed.

One of the best ways to prevent this is by keeping your dog from too much running on hard surfaces, especially when they are puppies.

The Bichpoo’s coat and allergen level for each puppy varies on how much it resembles the Bichon Frise or Toy Poodle.  However, overall the breed sheds less and is more allergen-friendly than the Bichon Frise breed.

Daily grooming and keeping your Poochon clean are also critical to keeping lower allergen levels and minimal loose hair.

As with any animal, if someone in your family has concerns with dog allergies, you should consult your family physician.