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About Infinity Pups

We are a family-owned business passionate about connecting happy, healthy puppies with good forever homes. We are an advertising company – not a dealer or a broker. Our mission is helping families connect with puppies they love. Someone from our company meets with the breeder, interacts with the puppies, gathers as much information as possible, takes fun pictures, and we post them online.

You have the opportunity to meet the breeders at pickup and gather information that may be helpful for your new puppy as they transition to your home.

All breeders advertising puppies on this site have agreed to abide by the high standards in their given state. We have put a lot of research and thought into providing very high-quality puppies to be your forever pets and can't wait for you to meet the perfect puppy for your family.

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
Ben Williams

Our Dedication to the Fur-Ever Home

We do ask that if for any reason you cannot keep your puppy, no matter how old, that it be returned to the breeder, no questions asked, no refund offered. Under no circumstances are any of the dogs listed on this website, to be placed in a shelter.