How To Spot And Avoid A Puppy Sale Scam (plus what to do if you are conned!)


Are you hoping to buy or adopt a puppy in the near future?  Good for you! You’ll gain a cuddly companion in your home and even experience better health. For example, research shows that:  Puppies reduce stress levels for both adults and kids. Interacting with your puppy results in lower blood pressure Routine interactions turn… Read more »

22 Easy Steps To Prepare For A Puppy (That Actually Help)

22 Easy Steps To Prepare For A Puppy (That Actually Help) 2

Congratulations! You have decided to take the next big step in expanding your family! Soon you will be welcoming a four-pawed bundle of love into your home. As fun as that sounds, owning a puppy is no picnic. There are so many questions! What do I need before my puppy arrives?  Why isn’t my puppy… Read more »

How To Choose A Puppy – Everything You Need To Know

How To Choose A Puppy - Everything You Need To Know 3

Are you and your family ready to choose a puppy for your home?   How exciting! Picking the right puppy for your home and family is a big decision.  This puppy quickly becomes a member of your family for the next 10-15 years. Thankfully, the team from Infinity Pups is here to help you choose the… Read more »

5 Common Puppy Sicknesses & How You Can Help Prevent Them

5 Common Puppy Sicknesses & How You Can Help Prevent Them 4

There is nothing as exciting as having a new puppy and watching it adjust to your home and become one of the family! We love the joy, laughter, companionship, and fun that puppies bring. But what happens when your puppy is sick, or you notice something is physically wrong? One of the first steps is… Read more »

7 Great Gift Ideas for Your Dog Owning Friends

Dog owners are among the kindest, most compassionate people on earth. So who better to honor with a present than a pet parent?  In this post, we’ll list seven great gift ideas for your consideration, all of which can bring a world of delight into a special someone’s life. Gift Idea #1: Dog Bed Dog… Read more »

Golden Retrievers: Everything You Need to Know!

If you are a parent looking for the ideal family dog, you know how important it is to choose a breed that will be good with children. You want a dog that will be a family pet, play well with kids, be easy to train, and have a pleasant temperament. So which breed is a… Read more »

7 Things Every Puppy Owner Needs To Be Doing

Owning a puppy brings a lot of fun, laughter, and joy into a home.  After all, a puppy provides companionship, entertainment, and comradery. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you are giving your puppy the best treatment you can?   Buying a puppy and taking proper care of it looks like a… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About German Shepherds

Everything You Need to Know About German Shepherds

If you work regularly with dogs, you understand how difficult it can sometimes be to find a dog that is loyal, intelligent, and robust. Dogs are often bred for specific characteristics or physical traits, and sometimes they are not as versatile as their owners would like. So which breed is the ultimate dog in training,… Read more »

The Ultimate Bernedoodle Lover’s GUIDE For 2020

The Ultimate Bernedoodle Lover's GUIDE For 2020 5

So you’ve decided to add a puppy to your family and are now faced with the daunting decision of choosing the best breed. If you are looking for a family dog that seeks companionship, loves having fun, and has a touch of goofy, then the bernedoodle is the perfect dog for you! The bernedoodle is… Read more »