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  • Breed: Irish Doodle
  • Group: Designer
  • Height: 22-26"
  • Weight: 30-70 lbs
  • HypoAllergenic: Yes
  • Coat: Curly
  • Activity:
  • With Children:
  • With Animals:
  • Grooming:
  • Guard:
  • Trainability:


Our Irish Doodle puppies for sale bring energy and family-fun to your home!  Irish Doodles are known for their fun personality, loyalty to their owners, and a beautiful-colored coat.  As a designer breed, they combine the best traits from the Irish Setter and Standard Poodle. Browse our Irish Doodle puppies for sale today!

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overview of the Irish Doodle Dog Breed

Are you looking for a dog that has the energy and playfulness of the Irish Setter combined with the intelligence and low-allergy level of a Poodle?

If that describes your perfect dog, then browse our Irish Doodle puppies for sale below!

As a designer breed, Irish Doodles combine traits from both the Irish Setter and the Poodle. They bring laughter, fun, playfulness, loyalty, and lower allergen levels into any home and family, and do exceptionally well with children and other animals.

If your family and children are ready for their next addition, then purchase your Irish Doodle today!

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Irish Doodle temperament

Fun: Taking after the Irish Setter, Irish Doodles love to have fun! They want to be involved in any action that their owners and family are involved in, and they thrive on human fun, games, and interaction.

Loyal: While Irish Doodles get along with other humans and pets, they are loyal to their primary owners, especially if there are children.

Smart: Irish Doodles show the intelligence from their Poodle side by being an intelligent breed. However, their intelligence sometimes gets them into trouble if they are not trained properly or become bored with their current surroundings.

Energetic: With their desire to play and have fun, Irish Doodle puppies have a lot of energy and need regular exercise. Like the Irish Setter, they are known to have a lot of energy well into their adult years.

Family-friendly: Irish Doodles love families and children, and they do well in playing with and interacting with children. They are gentle and loyal to children and enjoy playing with their family. Remember that Irish Doodle puppies are fragile when they are small, and young children need to be trained on how to play with Irish Doodle

Gentle: Irish Setters are often gentle and friendly dogs, and this characteristic can carry over to Irish Doodles as well. They are often good with children and can get along well with other pets.

Adaptable: Irish Doodles can adapt well to different living situations, whether it’s an apartment or a house with a yard. However, they do require regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

It’s important to remember that individual dogs within the same breed or crossbreed can vary widely in terms of personality. Early socialization, positive training methods, and consistent care are crucial in raising a well-adjusted and well-behaved Irish Doodle. When considering bringing an Irish Doodle into your home, spending time with the puppy’s parents and meeting the puppy itself can give you a better idea of its potential temperament.

Irish Doodle Breed history

The exact origin of the Irish Doodle is unknown, but crossbreeding with Poodles has become popular since the Labradoodle was first bred in the 1980s.

As Poodles were used to create more designer breeds in the late 1900s, the Irish Doodle was also first bred during this time.

As a designer crossbreed, the Irish Doodle is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.  However, even if your Irish Doodle puppy doesn’t come with pedigree papers, you should still ask for health records from the puppy’s seller.

Irish Doodle Average size

The size of adult Irish Doodles depends on the size of the Poodle used, but typically Irish Doodles stand 22-26″ tall at the shoulder and weigh between 30 and 70 pounds as adults.

Average Irish Doodle lifespan

As a new crossbreed, the average Irish Doodle’s lifespan is not fully known.  However, many experts agree that 10-14 years is an accurate number.

Irish Doodle body features

The exact coat of your Irish Doodle will vary because it is a crossbreed, but most Irish Doodle puppies have a coat that is longer and wavier.  Some will have more curls in their coat if they take after the Poodle more than the Irish Setter.

Irish Doodles have a beautiful coat that typically has a major color of either black, brown, tan, or red.  It is not uncommon for the breed to have white or lighter markings with the main colors.

grooming Your Irish Doodle Puppy

Because the hair is longer and tends to be shaggier, Irish Doodles do need regular grooming.  However, most of them do take after Poodles and have little shedding, although this varies from puppy to puppy.  

It is good to have their coat trimmed as needed, and this will also vary on your specific puppy’s coat.

Keeping Your Irish Doodle Puppy Healthy

Because the breed is still young, there are not a lot of specifics known to the Irish Doodle’s exact health.  However, most agree that the breed is relatively healthy, and so far, no major health issues have arisen that are not common to most dog breeds.

Due to their floppy ears, you will want to check regularly behind the ears for infection.  To prevent infection, make sure the ears completely dry out whenever your Irish Doodle becomes wet.

Like all dogs, Irish Doodles are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. Hip and elbow dysplasia occurs when the leg or hip becomes weakened, and it can result in arthritis or lameness if not addressed.

One of the best ways to prevent this is by keeping your dog from excessive running on hard surfaces.  This is especially vital when they are a puppy.

Typical Irish Doodle Allergens

 With Poodles being used in the breeding, many make the false assumption that Irish Doodles will be allergy-free.

Allergens are caused by dander, which is dead skin cells.  Any animal, including humans, shed these dead skills. And while Irish Doodles typically shed less than Irish Setters, this does not eliminate dander or allergens.

One of the best ways to keep allergens as low as possible is to keep your Irish Doodle clean, regularly groomed, and the coat from becoming too long.

If you have a family member with allergen concerns, it is always good to consult with your family physician.

  • Are Irish Doodles hyperactive?
    Irish Doodles are energetic dogs and need a moderate amount of exercise. However, they don’t tend to be more hyper than other breeds. Irish Doodle puppies may be a little hyper at first as a puppy, but proper training and exercise help minimize any hyperactivity.
  • Can any type of Poodle be used to breed an Irish Doodle?
    Irish Doodles are usually a cross between Standard Poodles and Irish Setters. Sometimes, though, Mini Poodles will be used, which results in a Mini Irish Doodle.
  • Do Irish Doodles have long hair?
    Yes. Irish Doodles usually have long, thick, wavy coats.
  • Are Irish Doodles hard to groom?
    Irish Doodles have long thick, luxurious coats that are somewhere in the range of wavy to curly. They don’t shed much, but need regular brushing to keep their hair from getting matted and tangled.
  • Do Irish Doodles shed a lot?
    Most Irish Doodles don’t shed much, a trait they inherit from their Poodle parents.
  • Should Irish Doodles be clipped?
    Yes, Irish Doodles should be trimmed as needed. Whether or not an Irish Doodle will need lots of trimming depends on the individual.
  • Do Irish Doodles bark a lot?
    No. Irish Doodles are known to be quiet dogs who rarely bark at all.
  • Do Irish Doodles have a strong prey drive?
    Both Poodles and Irish Setters were bred to be hunting and retrieving dogs. Both these parent breeds have relatively high prey drives, so the Irish Setter has the potential for a high prey drive as well.
  • Are Irish Doodles easy to train?
    Irish Doodles are intelligent and eager to please, so they should be fairly easy to train. However, it will still take time and commitment.
  • Are Irish Doodles retrievers?
    Both Poodles and Irish Setters were bred to be hunting and retrieving dogs, so Irish Doodles may have the retrieving instinct as well.

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