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African Boerboel Puppies for Sale
  • Breed: African Boerboel
  • Group: Purebred
  • Height: 22-30"
  • Weight: 154-200 lbs
  • HypoAllergenic: No
  • Coat: Smooth, Dense, Short
  • Activity:
  • With Children:
  • With Animals:
  • Grooming:
  • Guard:
  • Trainability:


These African Boerboel puppies for sale make a great family dog for all ages of people! They are loyal and protective when needed but friendly towards family friends and members. You could not wish for a better dog to have around your family.

The African Boerboel is often considered a guard dog due to its body shape, its size, and its weight. And while it is true that African Boerboels make excellent guard dogs, they are also known for their loyalty, calm attitude, and being family-friendly, particularly with children.

The African Boerboel breed was developed in South Africa by Dutch Settlers. The settlers wanted a watchdog that would defend their farms from dangerous wildlife such as hyenas, lions, and leopards.

Over time, African Boerboels became known for their watchdog characteristics such as loyalty, protecting territory, and protecting their owners.

Today the African Boerboel breed is still known for its loyalty and guarding traits, but they are also highly sought for their playfulness, intelligence, and desire to please their owners.

Due to their size, energy level, and protective nature; it is essential that African Boerboel puppies are properly trained at a young age and get enough exercise. If they are not properly trained or given regular exercise, African Boerboels can become bored, aggressive, and even destructive.

It is also important that the breed is not surprised by visiting humans or dogs. They can feel threatened if their territory is invaded without them knowing. If you have family or friends over, it is helpful to introduce them to your African Boerboel.

African Boerboels are known to have good health in general. They also have coats made of shorter, straighter hair which makes grooming and cleaning easier and not needed as frequently as long-haired breeds.

If you are looking for a dog breed that will be loyal to you and your family, is fun to play with, and will protect you, then purchase your African Boerboel puppy today!