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Airedale Terrier puppies for sale

Airedale Terrier Puppies for Sale

– Outgoing – Courageous – Clever –

  • Breed: Airedale Terrier
  • Group: Terrier Group
  • Height: 21-23"
  • Weight: 50-70 lbs
  • HypoAllergenic: yes
  • Coat: Wiry, Dense and Medium length
  • Activity:
  • With Children:
  • With Animals:
  • Grooming:
  • Guard:
  • Trainability:


Our Airedale Terrier Puppies for Sale are sure to be your best friend! They are clever and courageous, always ready for the next adventure. Airedale Terriers make great guard dogs. Browse our Airedale Terriers now.

Sorry, no puppies of this breed are currently available. Contact us to be notified when more are listed for adoption.

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  • 1. Are Airedale Terriers hard to groom?
    That depends on how you want to keep your Airedale’s coat. If you want a flawless show coat, it’s going to take some work. However, if you clip her short once or twice a year, then several weekly brushings should do the trick and grooming shouldn’t take too much time.
  • 2. Are Airedale Terriers rambunctious?
    Airedales certainly have plenty of energy! They are also mischievous and will get into everything. Airedales who get enough exercise and activity per day should be manageable, but remember to supervise them with small children because they do get rambunctious from time to time.
  • 3. Do Airedale Terriers get along well with children and other pets?
    Airedale Terriers like kids and generally get along with them well. In fact, they have been called the “reliable babysitter dog” by some. However, because they are so large and energetic, they can be overwhelming to small kids. They generally get along well with other dogs if they are raised alongside them. They may be a bit suspicious of strange dogs. Their strong prey drive might make them a hazard for smaller pets such as rabbits or parakeets.
  • 4. Will an Airedale Terrier need a lot of exercise?
    Airedale Terriers are highly active and will not thrive if they don’t get enough physical activity. They will need plenty of exercise and do best with a large yard to run around in.
  • 5. Can an Airedale Terrier make a good indoor dog?
    We don’t recommend an Airedale as an indoor dog. They are very active and need a large fenced yard to run in. We aren’t saying it’s impossible to keep an Airedale inside. Just remember that these dogs need a lot of exercise and activity. It might be nicer to let your Airedale create his own fun in the yard than always having to keep him on the straight and narrow in your home.
  • 6. Are Airedale Terriers good watchdogs?
    You bet Airedales are good watchdogs! They are alert, active, and scrappy. They are sure to let you know if anything is out of the ordinary, and if you don’t show up, they will take on the challenge themselves.
  • 7. Are Airedale Terriers intelligent?
    Airedales are quite intelligent. In fact, these smart, active dogs sometimes hoodwink their owners if they are not watched! They are smart enough to be excellent service dogs, and many work as police dogs, watchdogs, or as other types of working dogs.
  • 8. Are Airedale Terriers loud?
    Like many terrier breeds, Airedales can have a tendency to be barkers. You may have to train your Airedale to be quiet.
  • 9. Are Airedale Terriers good first-time dogs?
    Because they require so much exercise and attention, an Airedale may frustrate a novice owner. They do best with experienced owners who have time and energy to spend on them.
  • 10. Do Airedale Terriers like to dig?
    Airedales do like to dig, which is another unfortunate side effect of the terrier family. They may need to be taught where and where not to use their digging talents. Other Airedale Terrier pastimes include chewing things and collecting human memorabilia such as socks, shoes, hairbrushes, and dirty laundry. These active, interesting dogs may need to be taught what is acceptable and what isn’t.

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