Simple Steps to Stop Your Dog from Choking

Simple Steps to Stop Your Dog from Choking 1

Buying a puppy is a wonderful experience, and it is just as important to be proactive with your puppy’s safety.

Chocking is a hazard that can affect any dog, especially since many puppies like to eat a lot of food and chew on items that are around them. It can be a hazard if they choke on anything. There are some steps to save your dog from such trouble:

Choking Cause

A puppy can choke on objects like chicken bones, golf balls, and rawhide bones. Sometimes they choke because of eating food too quickly. You must train them to eat food slowly and do not choke the bones. Do not keep any small toys or golf balls in front of them.

Signs of Understanding

When a dog chokes on something, it will have a panicked expression and requires immediate action.  The dog will start pacing backward, coughing and pawing its mouth.

In that situation allow your puppy to cough up or vomit the item stuck in its throat. If you find that it is unable to breathe and has a wheezing problem, then it is time to intervene and give your puppy medical help.

Action Needs to be Taken

Take quick action to help your puppy when it has chocked on something. You need to be aware because your dog might bite you because of stress. Therefore, grip your puppy with caution.

Use both hands and open the dog’s mouth and pull out its tongue by putting your fingers inside it. You may need to use a spoon to remove the object.

Heimlich Maneuver

The Heimlich maneuver can dislodge the object if you manually cannot operate it. You need to access professional medical help for this maneuver technique. This process can save the life of your dog.

You need to stand behind your dog and place your arms around its neck. Use the hand cupping technique to remove the object. After this process, the Heimlich maneuver forces air from the lungs to the esophagus and expels the foreign object.

If your puppy goes unconscious during this process, take it to a vet immediately.

Keep an eye on your dog to ensure that it is breathing correctly. Follow the guidance given by the veterinary doctor. Choking is serious trouble and life-threatening. Prevent the problem by always monitoring your dog and watch what they eat, chew and play with.

Remember that the key in preventing a puppy from chocking is to remove choking hazards and give your puppy safe chew toys. If you want to learn more about safety for your puppy, read our blog post on what every puppy owner should be doing.

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