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Month: April 2019

Everything You Need to Know About German Shepherds

Everything You Need to Know About German Shepherds

If you work regularly with dogs, you understand how valuable it is to find a loyal, intelligent, and robust dog. Dogs are often bred for specific characteristics or physical traits; sometimes, they are not as versatile as their owners would like. At Infinity Pups, we believe that one of the ultimate dogs for training, agility,… Read more »

The Ultimate Bernedoodle Lover’s GUIDE For 2023

The Ultimate Bernedoodle Lover's GUIDE For 2023 1

If you want to add a puppy to your family, you’ll want to find a breed that fits your family’s stage and lifestyle well. And sometimes, figuring that out is a little complicated! At Infinity Pups, we’re dedicated to matching the right dogs with the right families, and we’ve written this article to help you… Read more »