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Is Obesity In Dogs A Really Big Problem?

Is Obesity In Dogs A Really Big Problem? 1

There are a number of centers where you can easily sneak peek to find your most lovable and adorable pets. Pets are wonderful and especially when it comes to dogs, everybody wants one thing- buy it, right?

However, after the process of buying and completing all the paperwork, people often fail to take care of the dog in the correct way!

When we talk about the “correct way,” we are not only referencing loving your pet or getting rid of hazards in your home. We are also talking about physical health.

A big part of dog health is proper feeding and avoiding obesity. While many may think that obesity is only a problem for human beings, in reality, it is not so.

A dog or cat may be suffering from obesity and there are a number of reasons for it.s

Food is the largest cause of pet obesity. In most of the cases, in order to shower the so-called extra love, people tend to keep on feeding the dogs on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that your dog needs nutrition and good healthy food, but at the same time, we need to remember that dogs cannot properly digest all types of food.

So, we must be selective in what our puppy eats and keep the diet strictly to dog food.

Exercise is the second most important factor to reduce obesity. Just like humans need exercise to stay healthy, the same thing applies to dogs as well.

For that, one needs to ensure that the dog exercises every single day. Take your pet out for a walk, let it roam around in a garden and run! There are the normal activities that one can at least go for

Genetics can be another cause for obesity. It is easy to get excited when we see an ad for puppies for sale, but we need to make sure we ask for any health records for the puppy.

It is also important to have your local vet check your puppy when you buy it. This will help you feed and care properly for the specific needs of your puppy.

Watching these three factors will help lessen the chance of obesity in your puppy. Like humans, obesity in dogs can cause health issues and a shortened lifespan.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind to help reduce obesity in your dog:

  1. To show your love, don’t let the dog have that scoop of ice-cream or other human food. These foods are not meant for dogs. Instead, choose a healthy dog treat to show your praise.
  2. Make sure to regularly check your dog’s weight. Check with your vet to know a healthy range for your dog’s weight.
  3. Never keep your dog confined within a room. Activity is a much-needed thing for dogs.
  4. Make sure that your dog is not able to steal extra food.
  5. Introducing a dog to a new food can be tough. If you switch to a new dog food or provider, introduce the new food gradually to avoid digestive or eating problems.

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