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Tips in Choosing a Puppy from a Litter

Puppies are so lovable and adorable that sometimes it seems that when you go to choose one of the many puppies for sale in a litter often it is the puppy who ends up choosing its future owner.

However, you don’t need to choose the first puppy that runs up to you. Here are some tips on choosing the best fit for you in the litter.

  • Evaluate the litter in terms of a group

One should first pay close attention to how the pups in the litter behave as a group. Watching the litter as a whole can show you how they interact with each other, their mother, and humans.

  • Watch for personalities

Outgoing puppies will usually be outgoing as adults, and shyer puppies will usually be shyer when they mature. Knowing what personality you want in your dog will help you choose the right puppy.

  • What the litter should be doing

Normal, healthy puppies show behavior that shows friendliness, curiosity, and trusting nature. Puppies that are playing with each other, maybe chewing toys, and showing healthy interaction are good signs.

  • Make observation on how the puppy plays with the others in the same litter

The way puppies interact with each other in a litter are strong indicators on what they will become as adults. Here are some things to watch:

-Which are the outgoing pups?

-Which are the gentle or quite pups?

-Which pups love to play with other puppies or humans?

-Which pups are mild or shy?

  • Make individualized evaluations

Once you have viewed the puppies as a group it is time you paid close attention to them individually. This is because you want to see how they behave when they are all on their own like the time it will potentially spend at your home.