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Brushing Your Dog Is More Important Than You Think

Brushing Your Dog Is More Important Than You Think 1

Brushing your dog is a critical part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pet. A well-groomed dog has a healthier coat and is less prone to disease. Regular brushing also creates a deeper bond between owner and dog.

Brushing Your Dog Gives Your Dog A Healthier Coat

Your dog’s hair needs to be brushed every few days regardless of the breed. Regular brushing will get rid of dead hair and naturally distribute oils to produce a shiny and even looking coat. It also sloughs off dead skin cells and allows natural oils to absorb into the surface of your dog’s skin. If you are a very busy person, make sure to keep your dog’s coat shaved down short if you cannot regularly maintain their coat. Long and uncared for coats can get matted and become hard to manage. Certain breeds, such as poodles require professional grooming, but should also be brushed daily to maintain a healthy coat.

Brushing Your Dog Makes Them Less Prone To Disease

Early detection can be a key factor in preventing diseases that might harm your dog. Always check all areas of your dog when you brush them and don’t forget to check their footpads for any cuts, tar or rocks that could get stuck in your dog’s paws.

Brushing Your Dog Creates a Deep Bond Between Owner and Dog

Setting aside a time each day to brush your dog gives you quiet time together to bond. Dogs love routine, and if you brush your dog at the same time each day, it will help them adjust to the process easier. Also, when dogs and their owners spend quiet time together, stress and blood pressure levels are reduced for both human and puppy. It is also a fun opportunity to quietly practice commands such as sit, stay, and down. Brushing your dog also allows time for your dog to receive a good belly or ear scratch.

Some dogs prefer certain brushes and combs over others, so don’t be surprised if it takes some experimenting before you find the tools that are the perfect fit for your furry companion. Setting aside only ten minutes per day will make a considerable difference in the quality of your dog’s coat, their overall health, and the bond that you share.