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6 Fun Facts About Beagles

Beagles are among the top 25 breeds of American dogs. This breed is considered to be a former hunting dog; witty and keen knack of interest. They have a strong sense of smell which keeps them apart from most dogs. Here are a few interesting facts about Beagles that may come as a surprise to you.

6 Fun Facts About Beagles 1

Poodle & Beagle Mix

They’ve been around for a long time

Proof of Beagles can be gathered since many years ago: If you follow previous research, you will notice that the dogs of similar sizes used to be taken out for hunting in the early 5th century in Greece. While it is not easy to gather the trace of today’s American Beagles, but they were bred from the attractive strains of English Beagles in the 1860s.

Snoopy is a Beagle

 If you’re a cartoon lover, and also have a fair idea about dog breeds, then you may already know that Snoopy is a Beagle. Snoopy is the pet dog of Charlie Brown from the comic strip Peanuts. This interesting character came into the picture in the year 1950.

Their name signifies “loudmouth”

 Beagles are those vocal dogs that have a lot to say, they are known for the rambunctious barks and howls they make. This is the reason they received the name “bee gueule” which means “loudmouth”.

They used to arrive in a smaller size

It might be hard to digest, but early Beagles used to come in smaller sizes. They used to be really small and travel in their owner’s pockets on hunting expeditions, earning them another name of “Pocket Beagles”.

All thoroughbreds share an unmistakable component

Beagles were bred to have white-tipped tails so they’d be anything but difficult to spot out on the field, so if a Beagle does not have a white-tipped tail, at that point it isn’t 100% purebred. Some thoroughbreds Beagles have for the most part white tails, while others may only have a couple of white hairs at the tip.

They work for the US government

Have you ever heard of the Beagle Brigade? US government gives special training to the Beagles to sniff out luggage at the airport for contraband. Thanks to their sniffing power, they made getting a hold of illegal items easy every year.

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