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7 Great Gift Ideas for Your Dog Owning Friends


Dog owners are among the kindest, most compassionate people on earth. So who better to honor with a present than a pet parent? 

In this post, we'll list seven great gift ideas for your consideration, all of which can bring a world of delight into a special someone's life.

Gift Idea #1: Dog Bed

Dog beds are an absolute must for any pet canine. 

Dogs and wolves in the wild instinctively dig dens or sleeping pits out of the soil around them. This gives them added comfort and insulation from extreme temperatures.

But expecting them to use this same strategy in a modern home is a bit impractical, that is, unless your dog-loving friends are okay with their pup ripping up their new carpet. 

Here are some features to look for in a quality dog bed:

  • Filling made from supportive material such as egg crate foam. Memory foam is a great choice as well, as long as you avoid beds made from cheaper, lighter grades that lose their loft soon after purchase.
  • A built-in headrest for the dog to lay her weary head after a long, hard day of providing delightful companionship.
  • A tough yet soft exterior made from chew-resistant material.
  • Make sure you know the size of the dog before buying because dog beds aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Gift Idea #2: Dog-Monitoring Camera

Modern technology is wonderful. It enables us to shop at home, learn any subject we like, and keep tabs on things when we're away. 

That's why a dog camera is such a great gift. 

Your friends can use it to check on their furry, four-legged child from anywhere on earth with high-speed internet access. Plus, they can use it to deter thieves and stay in touch with their human family members as well.

Gift Idea #3: Dog Walking

Dog owners are busy just like everyone else, and depending on their schedule, they may not always have time to walk their furry friends. 

One idea is to offer to do it for them. Plan a series of walks to free up a little of your friend’s days or pay for others to do so if your own schedule is too full.

Gift Idea #4: Dog Blanket

BRRR!! It's cold outside! 

There's no better way for thoughtful dog owners to give their beloved buddy an added degree of snuggly comfort than with a quality dog blanket

Look for one that's sized for your recipient's dog, is made from waterproof (or at least water-resistant) material, and has plenty of warm quilting to stave off the shivers on those chilly winter nights.

Gift Idea #5: Dog First Aid Kits

Medical emergencies can come along at any time. Help your friend to prepare for the unexpected by giving her a dog first aid kit

You can buy one premade or assemble it yourself, if you're the kind of person who enjoys making gifts for others. 

Your giftee can keep the kit alongside his or her main first aid kit for easy access during a dog-related illness or injury.

Gift Idea #6: Scrubs

Many dog breeds require a good deal of maintenance, some of it messy and even downright smelly. 

Having a few medical-grade scrubs to wear on such occasions can save your recipients from ruining a perfectly good T-shirt or pair of pants when it's time to bathe or otherwise care for their animal companion. 

This may seem like a somewhat unusual gift idea, but who can deny that it's both practical and thoughtful?

Gift Idea #7: GPS Collar

Collars are one of those doggy necessities, but they can play an important role in keeping your pup safe. A GPS collar can help you locate your dog if he ever escapes.

Before purchasing a GPS collar, consider features and functions, comfortability, and reviews from previous buyers.


Pets give us lots of loving devotion every day of the year. It's only right that we give back to them. Use the ideas in this post to choose the perfect item for the dog owners in your life no matter what the occasion might be.

Your dog-owning friends and their pups will remember your kindness for a long time to come!