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3 Important Traits To Look For When Buying a Puppy

3 Important Traits To Look For When Buying a Puppy 1

If you find dogs to be enjoyable, then you are probably looking at buying a puppy.

When looking at a puppy for sale, it can be overwhelming to see a whole litter and know which one to pick. You can read a few tips on choosing a puppy from our recent blog post, but there are some important traits that you want to observe in the puppy and its litter.

Look at the puppy’s overall health

If you have a puppy that you are considering buying, watch it and observe its overall health.

Look for anything that might cause potential health issues down the road. For example, if the puppy has a noticeable limp, that can be a sign of a defect that should be checked by a vet.

Look at the puppy’s eyes

Make sure that your puppy has good eyesight. Take a long and hard look at its eyes and negate the possibility of any disease potentially affecting its eyes.

Keep in mind that the breeder is under obligation to reveal all diseases that the puppy suffers from. Just keep track of the puppy’s eyes as you move your fingers in front of his eyes in addition to verifying that the eyes are light and clear.

Check the puppy’s hearing ability

You want your dog to have a good sense of perception through all of his senses. The hearing is also an important sense perception along with the smell.

You can check the hearing abilities of a dog with relative ease. All you have to do is snap your fingers a few times on both sides of the head of the puppy. The dog should be able to turn his head towards the direction from which the snap originated.