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Chris Stoltzfoos

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Here at the Stoltzfoos home we have Mini Goldendoodle and Mini Bernedoodle puppies. We chose these breeds because of their intelligence, friendliness, and their hypo-allergenic and non shedding coats. Each dog is considered part of our little family and our goal is to provide quality companions for you! Each puppy is well socialized, vet checked, up-to-date on shots, and exercised regularly.

As a young boy we had a family dog named Sheba. I (Chris) was very attached to her and in my young mind I was convinced that everyone needs a four-legged companion! When no one else listens, they listen! And no matter what they always have a smile for you. Unfortunately, Sheba passed away, but she left a lot of memories and lessons. As time went on I developed a longing to provide others with canine companions. I realized how much positive impact a dog can have on our lives. Over the years we have seen special needs children develop better social and learning skills through having a canine companion. People have had a more positive outlook in life ... Show More

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Lancaster, PA

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