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Rose – ACA


Health Tested, 5-Generation Pedigree

Micro-chipped with ReUnite

Availability: Adopted

Gender: Female

Included with Rose – ACA

  • Veterinary Health Exam Certificate
  • Immunization and Deworm
  • Purebred - Other Application
  • Shipping Available
  • A bag of their own food

About Rose – ACA

Meet our little Sable Merle girl named Rose! She loves to play and is very beautiful! Rose has a wonderful temperament like all of Nellie’s pups do! She loves to cuddle in your arms and then she will reach up to your face and lick you! Both parents, Tucker and Nellie have the wonderful loving temperament that is native to the Lassie-style Collie! They interact with our family very gently and sweetly and they welcome visitors warmly! Both parents live a happy, free life on our family farm and get plenty of exercise. Tucker and Nellie are highly involved with farm chores, both enjoy herding and helping with anything they can! They will be pleased to meet you if you stop by to see the puppies! Dad Tucker is a Blue Merle male who weighs 58 pounds. He is thrilled when he gets praised for herding! Tucker is OFA Hip Certified GOOD. Mom Nellie is a golden sable who has entirely endeared herself to our family. She is a sensitive Collie which makes her a wonderful family companion. Rose has been DNA tested and is certified Normal (cannot be affected by) for MDR1, and CN. She is also normal by parentage for DM, CEA, PRA-prcd2, and CN. Rose is also LOW RISK for DMS by Parentage. Rose was born in our living room on the 12th of December! Our puppies are born in the house where the family is all on hand to help with the 24/7 care. Our puppies are handled right away as socialization begins immediately after birth! The puppies are exposed to a variety of noises and surfaces during the first few weeks to increase their adaptability to life in general. Rose has her own health folder which includes pictures of all her litter-mates, her health certificate from her veterinary exam, a five-generation pedigree with pictures of the Collies in her pedigree, Her DNA testing certificates, Her parent’s Genetic clearances from DNA and the OFA, as well as her own microchip and Reunite information. Rose is covered by a short-term health guarantee and 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee. Additional expenses are 6% PA Sales Tax, and $20 for her ACA registration. Rose has been examined by our licensed veterinarian and is very healthy. She is up to date with her first shots (Distemper/Parvo Combo, Distemper Booster, and Kennel Cough Vaccines) and is on a regular deworming schedule. Her fecal was negative for both Parasites and Giardia. Please look up the Brookwood Collies Homepage for more information about our Collie program and our policies. You are welcome to contact us by calling 570-672-3391 or by emailing us at [email protected]. We live in central PA, near the town of Danville and I-80.

Rose – ACA's Parents

Rose – ACA's mother, a Collie


Name: Nellie
Breed: Collie

  • ACA Registered
  • 65 lb
  • Golden Sable
Rose – ACA's father, a Collie


Name: Tucker
Breed: Collie

  • AKC Registered
  • 58 lb
  • Blue Merle
  • OFA Hip Certified