Categories of Price Defined on Puppies for Sale

When someone is looking for a puppy for sale, there are several questions that usually get asked to the breeder.  

They are as follows:

  • What is the breed of the puppy?
  • What does the puppy for sale cost?
  • What is the quality of the puppy?
  • Are they vaccinated or not?

As a vendor, you need to answer smartly. Maybe the advertising price will be more than the purchasing price you invested while buying the puppy. There are several categories of seller who breed and sell puppies. Below they are defined:

Categories of Price Defined on Puppies for Sale 1

Dog Breeder 
Avid breeders range from $750 to $2000 depending on the size and breed of the litter. The cost depends on the supply of demand. When a buyer purchases a single litter, the price is from $3000 to $9000. The breeder does medical screening and other tests before selling the puppies online. They also can do cesarean sections and insemination. 

A breeder who has a good reputation often spends thousands of dollars on a single puppy. But when they trade them, the breeders charge double from the buyer. For a healthy puppy, a breeder usually does systematic neurological stimulation. They provide training, exercises, and socialization to help them become stable puppies. A breeder is not only a vendor but like a mentor and parents of a puppy.

Pet stores 
The average rate of puppies sold in pet stores start from $800, and if they trade high demand breeds, then the prices vary more. Pet stores often advertise discounts on puppies for sale. The brokers vend puppies and charge $50 to $200 from the pet stores. The store sells puppies at high rates to manage a profit. But the law has made that official medical certification is needed to be shown while selling dogs and litters because a litter may have several problems like respiratory infections, chronic sanitation issues, diarrhea, genetic issues, etc. 

Purchase from home
A seller may purchase dogs and puppies from friends and relatives who want to sell the puppies. The market range is less when the trader buys it from his neighbor or friends. But it is essential to check the breeding quality and medical conditions of the pets before purchasing it. If you are confused about the breed and medical conditions of the pet you are buying, then ask for a medical certificate of the litter.

There are many stores available with pets in different prices. If you are a pet lover and want to adopt or buy one, then be smart before investing money in purchasing a puppy for sale. 

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